Experienced Independent Consultant for teams and leaders who want to improve digital collaboration. I simplify, prioritize, and visualize complex information to help you achieve your goals.

Leadership & 
Team Support

I support teams and leadership in making decisions, defining your purpose and collaborating successfully. Simply put, getting your projects and priorities straight. 

“What exactly is it that we do? And why? With what result? How can we improve our digital collaboration? And how do we best present our efforts to our audience?”


I help you visualize your tools, processes and way of working. Together we’ll create an overview of your offering and internal communication channels.

“How do we collaborate and who is responsible for what? What tools are we using to do our work? How do we communicate to others in the organization about it?”

Throughout my career, I have combined structuring thoughts and information with creative visualisation. 
I hold degrees in philosophy and graphic design.

In previous roles in Digital Transformation, I’ve guided teams and leadership in improving collaboration through social technology. Clients included Philips, HEINEKEN, Ahold Delhaize, ING, FrieslandCampina and Nestlé, all of whom I supported on a management and global level. 

I’m a strong communicator and enjoy facilitating meaningful conversation. With experience in a wide range of industries, from the cultural and public sector to large multinationals, I look forward to working with you, too.