Judith van Werkhoven
Consultant & Trainer

Coming from a background in practical philosophy and applied design I have a passion for translating creative ideas into realistic concepts and getting to the core of things.

I enjoy connecting (to) people, building meaningful relationships and facilitating conversations. I have a special interest in questions around integrity and healthy work habits. I have experience in facilitating socratic dialogue and design thinking. 

As a consultant, I advise about creative processes and collaboration and help people understand their underlaying presuppositions. Iā€™m currently working for OrangeTrail in the field of digital transformation. 

Previous projects and clients include: Andersson Elffers Felix, Bureau Integriteit Nederlandse GemeentenDe Bildung Academie, Dinie BesemsEnbiun, Tussenwoord.

Please find my complete CV on LinkedIn. 

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īƒ± j.a.van.werkhoven@gmail.com